George – Executive Chef

An Armenian native of Syria, George found his calling to cuisine later in life when he craved his Armenian mother’s dinners but couldn’t get them unless he cooked them himself. Like any good Armenian, when you have good food, you don’t keep it to yourself. You invite friends to every meal. His dinners became so popular, his house couldn’t fit all the people who wanted to eat his food. So he opened his first restaurant, Emelia’s on Dickson. After great success with Emelia’s, he decided he’d try serving up the street foods that he loved as a kid. In Armenian culture, eating fast and doesn’t mean eating bad food. All food is made with pride and flavor and freshness or it isn’t worth serving or eating. Looking at what was available to people in Fayetteville, George saw a perfect solution… he gets the street food he missed and all of his friends get a delicious, healthy, fast option for meals. It worked. After being open only a few months, Meez & Kini was voted best fast food in NWA by CityScapes 2017.

Sara – Operations Manager and Sommelier

It was a sip of Huet Clos du Bourg Vouvray that changed everything for Sara. Over the past 40 years, Sara has literally tasted over 5,000 wines. “I became very passionate about wine and its ties with food, culture, geography and society,” she explains. She’s locally famous for the wine tastings she’s been hosting for the past 14 years at Emelias. Now she brings her expertise to Meez & Kini. “Meez & Kini is unique for a sommelier because the food is so unique. Armenians have been drinking wine for thousands of years so it’s fun to think about what their wine was like then and pair their food with the right wines now.” As Operations Manager, Sara is responsible for the day-to- day operations of Meez & Kini, overseeing its managers and staff, ensuring guest satisfaction and maintaining the quality, consistency, and hospitality Meez & Kini is known for.

Morgan – Event Coordinator

Meez & Kini is a great place to have a party or a work meeting. And Morgan is the perfect person to coordinate your event. She knows how every detail can come together to create a flawless experience for your guests. Delicious food served on our patio, in our dining room or at your location along with Morgan’s can-do attitude makes events with Meez & Kini delicious AND fun.